Praise for Chocolate or Lunch


“I’m excited about this uplifting and valuable book, filled with fresh insights for new seekers and old. Although most of the concepts were familiar to me, fresh perspectives gushed forth as I read. The conversational tone feels like a visit with friends. Bravely authentic personal examples bring the content to life. Buy an extra copy as a gift.”

“Taking time to be positive, what a difference! Book looks awesome. Very pertinent and great timing! Loved the story about the daughter asking what happened in the mother’s day. The three things that make you happy rule, what a great and easy way to stay positive and focused on the ‘right’ things.”

“We can be happy. We can be at peace. That is what we all want and that is the message the authors deliver with profound wisdom and heartfelt grace. Relationships are at the core of life and Nancy and Sharon guide us through how we can shift our internal choices to enjoy deeper more satisfying relationships, at work and at home. A lyrical, lovely read with lasting impact!”

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