To Be Happy: Step Closer to People

If you are anything like us, you want to enjoy the people in your life, the work you do and the beauty and varied experiences in this world. The moments of life are delicious and meant to be enjoyed, even savored. Sometimes we stray from this joyful perspective. Many things can get us off track: beliefs, obligations, feeling stuck and being upset. How tragic it is to lose out on the precious relationships and treasured moments of our lives. There is no need to do that at all. We know that for a fact.

As facilitators and professional coaches, relationships have been the focus of our work. We have also personally applied what we are sharing. It works; we live happy lives and are excited to share our experience and our book, Chocolate or Lunch, with you.

To our utter delight, people we work with throughout the world have been able to amend what felt like impossible relationships. We’ve watched near miracles as they resolved struggles that seemed doomed to remain intractable. You can do that as well. Come join us. You’ll find us at

Allow your dream for all your relationships to come true.
Be happy and live the best life imaginable!


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