About the Authors

Two Wise Women Create Magic


Nancy Smyth

In the mid-1980’s, Nancy apprenticed with an Aztec Indian Medicine Man. Her apprenticeship was one of learning to see what is invisible to our physical eyes. She integrated this unique skill set into her professional life.

In 2006, Nancy received a Master Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation. Her focus guides clients to substantial, lasting change, both personally and professionally. As coach, speaker, artist and poet Nancy cultivates the experience, understanding and expression of peace-filled solutions.

Nancy serves as Arbinger’s Director of Individual and Group Coaching, as an Executive Coach and as Interim Director of Coaching for Prescott College. She is an invited participant in Conversations Among Masters, SupporTED, Planetary Dance and other collaborative projects.

Nancy is delightfully tranquil while being powerfully transformative.

Sharon Eakes

Sharon’s energy has always been directed toward helping people live balanced, productive, joyful lives. She has a master’s degree in psychology. Sharon was both a therapist and a healthcare executive before becoming an executive coach. As a Board Certified Coach, she continues to help leaders make meaningful contributions to their organizations and the world.

Since 2000 Sharon has written a monthly coaching blog, Fresh Views. Her essays are now collected in a book, Fresh Views on Resilient Living. Sharon also co-authored Liberating Greatness, The Whole Brain Guide to an Extraordinary Life.

Sharon has presented at many national conferences, and has been an invited guest on TV and radio shows.

Sharon has the presence of a wise woman wrapped in a spirit of lightness

Two Wise Women

Sharon and Nancy have authored the insightful book, Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships. Their coaching and training business is called Two Wise Women. They generate fun experiences while creating powerful breakthroughs and experiences of peace and joy for their clients and audiences.

Everyone can have rewarding personal and professional lives. That is what we all want, and that is the focus of their work. Come visit us at www.twowisewomen.org