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Feeling frustrated or frazzled in relationships?

Critical mother? Difficult boss? Disrespectful teenager? Uncaring spouse?

CAN change.

Shift from feeling stuck in troubled relationships to being joyfully connected to the people in your life. Executive coaches with over 35 years in client transformation, Sharon Eakes and Nancy Smyth generously share their own life-changing experiences and coaching expertise.

Their insights ignite amazing results in others. Their clients make quantum changes: happier and freer than they ever imagined possible! YOUR LIFE and your relationships can be forever changed too, with the profound wisdom and practices found in
Chocolate or Lunch.

Allow your dream for loving relationships to come true. Be happy and live the best life imaginable!

Who We Are

We work around the world to help people achieve joyful lives.


Nancy apprenticed with an Aztec Indian Medicine Man learning to see what is invisible to our physical eyes. She integrated this unique vision into her coaching and earned the highest credential from the International Coaching Federation. Her love of people and their success makes her a not-to-be-missed companion.


Sharon earned a master’s degree in psychology and was an executive for 20 years in the healthcare industry. Sharon has authored several books. Since 2000, she has written a monthly coaching blog for several news publications, including Huffington Post . As a Board Certified Coach, she helps clients understand and expand their unique gifts.

Praise for
Chocolate or lunch